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AirDroid is a superb software application that lets you access and manage your Android-based smartphone or tablet from Windows, Mac OS X, or the web, without any wire connection, without any payment. Furthermore, you can transfer files between your devices. Also, you can share your files with your best friends. After downloading and installing this tool, you will see a lot of changes and new features like amazing focussed: Calls, SMS, and the app notification you sanctioned, mirrored to the big computer screen, you are focussing on as you want.

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As soon as the technology is growing day by day. In the future, there will be no need for the storage drive, everything will be available on the internet mean just under the fingertips. So, you can understand this kind of application. Basically, it works like a mobile device manager but its form allows it to carry out an additional feature. Also, it lets you get access to your data anywhere, at any location at any time. The use of this is very easy. Just install the android app on your cell phone and create an account. After login to the PC, also login to the AirDroid app. Within a few seconds, your PC will be able to send and receive files from and to a smartphone, read the contact lists, initiate calls, and send text-based messages.

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Another big improvement is that better equipped: Write with full physical keyboard and control with a mouse. Transfer items speedy without looking for a wire cable. Unique and stylish pieces of equipment: a better life. Stunning connectivity: Manage and control your Android from windows based working computer and utilize the apps on computers likewise WhatsApp, WeChat, and Line. The root is mandatory for some other devices. Featured on our website it’s crack version. Millions of people download it and enjoy it with its easy-to-use, crispy interface including powerful features.

Main Features:
  • The web interface is well managed like a computer workspace
  • Also, includes the icons for messages, call logs, Photos, Files
  • a lot of features for workspaces in case you run out of the workspace
  • Above all, one can download from the device and upload new ones or delete existing ones
  • In case of a mishap, you can find your phones using the same function as Google Maps
  • Lost Modes helps you to establish a number password on your phone and make it shows a message for the one who finds it
  • Another mode like wipe: asks you to remove and reset the phone to its original factory settings
  • effortless linkage to a PC anywhere
  • Anti-theft tools, moreover
  • Often, Crisp and lightweight interface
  • Simple transmission of files and apps

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Additional Features:
  • SMS – Use the AirDroid interface for text conversation
  • File transfer – An simple way to transfer files between the computer and device
  • Find Phone – Tools that help you locate your phone and protector burn your data
  • App management – user can uninstall or download apps from your phone. also, we can also install new ones from the local computer. That means one can transfer apps between phone
  • Camera – you can take control of the camera function and stream the feed to your desktop
Additional Info:
  • .NET Framework is required for proper installtion#
  • Transfer a lot of apps to your machine within a few seconds
  • May experience outstanding and a lot of FUN!
  • You can control de phone camera remotely in real-time

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